Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Well, today seems to be a special day for lots of lovers out there, and more power to them that they get to celebrate a little cliche holiday together. Just an excuse to spend more money that you don't have! But, hey, I like spending money that I don't have on myself, so cheers to being my own valentine and dropping close to $100 on a new pair of boots and a shirt!

Anyways, my Valentine's Day was spent having a sleep over with my perfect little and then waking up and spending quality time with my roommate, Emma. Tonight I'm grabbing a bite with my other half, Dominique. And tomorrow, my mom is visiting! So all in all, it's been a great romantic day for me. Lots of love to share! Not only is today a day where I have been filled with love and joy, but the past few weeks have consisted of nothing less.

In preparation for JMU's MadiTHON (Dance Marathon), I have done nothing but constantly check the website, which is now up and running, to see how much we're making to donate to the lovely children of UVA's Children's Hospitals. So far, we're close to $7,000 in revenue and our overall goal is $20,000!

As I was stuffing close to 200 envelopes yesterday, I realized I couldn't even be mad that my back hurt from sitting on the floor doing the tedious task. I have never felt more a part of anything than how MadiTHON is making me feel. I've grown up volunteering for little things, but this is something so much bigger. And not only that, I'm giving back to an organization that I have been raising money for for the past year and a half and that holds a special place in my heart now. I am so lucky to be working with a great group of sisters and two boys from another fraternity. They are all so dedicated and it warms my heart every day when I get a group message about how they overheard someone talking about the event, how much money we've raised, or how excited the student body is becoming. It's one of those feelings you never want to leave because it keeps you motivated to work even harder towards your goals.

If you have never felt so passionately about something, I encourage you to find something you love and pursue it. For me, my passion is helping those in need, which lines up perfectly with my fraternity's creed: "To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand". There's something special about waking up every day knowing it's another day to put your heart into your passion. Get out and chase your dreams, and I wish you nothing but mornings where you want to wake up and start the day.