Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Hi friends!

It's been a very busy 3 months since my last post. Apologies all around for those who care :)

Anyways, there's been lots of good news! Thanksgiving break was wonderful (wow, it's been way too long) and I enjoyed spending the day eating good food with my fabulously dysfunctional family. I was able to work three days at my internship with General Dynamics - how lucky is that. Well, I consider it lucky because it was better than working retail that whole time. However, I did work at Coach as a second source of income for the week. But I loved my internship and met lots of great people so going back was sort of just like a vacation for me.

During winter break I was also able to return to my internship. I was exceptionally lucky during this time period because I think I spent as many days working from home as I did working in the office... as an intern. So crazy! My mom, to say the least, was a tad jealous :) But I know she's very proud of me and happy with where I'm headed. Over break I also took the GRE for application to grad school - I applied to University of South Carolina (USC), West Virginia University (WVU), and Appalachian State University (ASU). They all have a Master of HR program, or some spin off of the like. I did pretty well on the GRE, except for the quantitative section, but whenever someone can tell me you're going to use that kind of math in the real world, I might start to worry about my performance. Until then, I'll stay satisfied with my overall results!

In addition to all that fun stuff, I was also able to attend one of my best friend's baby shower. The little sucker's due any day now... I can't feel it in my bones just yet, but I know he's getting ready to squirm his way out. I'm very excited for my friend, Kim, and this little bundle of joy (and snot, poop, and tears). It took me a while to accept it all and really support her, but I'm glad I stuck around not only for her, but for myself because she's one person who will always understand me and love me for whatever ridiculous things I decide to do between Thursday and Sunday. Her little boy, or as she likes to call him "little man", is going to be surrounded by lots of love when he gets here... I'm still trying to find the perfect onesie that'll embarrass him when he gets older and Kim shows his first girlfriend. Updates to come on that, for sure :) Shout out to you Kim, for being my partner in crime. Although I'll miss our shambly times, I'm glad you're happy <3

And finally, a little catch up on my past couple of weeks. Two Fridays ago I had an interview with admissions at USC. I thought the interview went well, but I of course also thought that it could have gone much better, stay tuned. This past Friday I visited WVU and met some current students and faculty in the HR program. I wasn't totally impressed, but it could've been because I woke up at 3:30am to leave by 4:45am and spent four hours there and getting right into it when I arrived. Just thinking about the entire trip makes me sleepy. The good part was that I got to see a friend who I haven't seen in a while and even though I was exhausted, it was good catching up with her. As I was getting up to leave WVU on Saturday I received an email saying that my application status had been updated for USC... and what to my surprise but an acceptance letter (unofficial)!! To say the least, I spent my entire drive back to JMU smiling like a kid in a candy shop. Three days later and I think about it and still smile. USC's Master of HR program only accepts 40 students each fall, and I'm qualified enough to be one of those 40. Ah, love it!

Decisions are still to come, I'm still waiting to hear back from WVU & ASU and will officially make up my mind once I hear back from them all. However, the south ain't looking to shabby right about now.

I promise to stay a little more up to date with this if not just for my sake.