Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Well good news, lovely people. First, I was accepted into West Virginia's Master of Industrial Relations program. Second, I decided to attend USC in the fall :)

I visited USC before spring break and absolutely adored the people and the city of Columbia. I was lucky enough to visit with my mom, who was convinced further this was a good decision. At first she was hesitant about me attending grad school (I think she still is a little bit), but after meeting with a couple great faculty members and two students at USC, she came to realize how much I could further my career in HR if I furthered my education at the school. While it did take me a little over a month to send in my deposit, I know it is the right choice and I will be happy down in Columbia.

While my excitement to attend a new school with new people has been more than perfect, I have been dealing a lot with stress lately that comes more frequently than it leaves. I haven't noticed how stressed I've been, and I feel as though it's because I've finally built a thick skin to letting stress get to me. However, it could also be that I'm a senior with that thing called senioritis. But let's go with the first assumption. I've been having some medical problems (that's what I'm going to call it), and I called my mom to vent about it and she said it's because I'm stressed. I told her I wasn't stressed, but then she continued to list everything that was on my plate and how I'm pushing it to the back of my mind, and my God is she right. I didn't realize how easy it's become for me to just disregard what's actually important and happening right in front of me. So I'm trying this week to acknowledge it and move on with it. I have 6 weeks left until graduation, and I just need to push through it to finally accomplish what I've worked four, long years for.

So, enough about the negative stuff. As you all know, I hope, I am on the executive board for our Dance Marathon here at JMU. Our exec board, most of it anyways, has been working extremely hard to bring the event together, which took place this past Saturday. My position was sponsorship and catering. However, I also took on the role of hospital relations, as I was not only in contact with local delivery food services, but hotels to accommodate our more than perfect families who were able to attend the event. Overall, the event was a success and we raised over $60,000. Putting us over $130,000 for this year and last year's event. I'm extremely proud of all those who worked hard and all those who supported us and came out to the event for the full 12 hours.

In addition to being proud, I am disappointed in the overall JMU community. As tradition, JMU has this negative image that we are a party school. Well, truth be told, apparently we are. As we set a date for MadiTHON (the dance marathon), we had no clue that day was going to be the best weather we had in a week and a half and it would be perfect for day drinking. But, so it was and that's that. What disappoints me is that people were willing to give up supporting an amazing and life-changing cause to spend their day drunk stumbling down main streets and throwing empty cups on fraternity lawns. We spend four years as undergraduates, with countless Saturdays and even more beautiful days to be spending outside. But more than half the school couldn't give up one day out of the entire year to come out to an event that supports children and their families who otherwise can't afford the treatment they need. Not only that, but those students couldn't come out and support their fellow classmates that hosted the event. We can harp on college students being philanthropic all we want, and yes, some are very much so. But it all comes down to your decisions at the end of the day. I would just like to know how spending another Saturday day drinking outweighs a day dedicated to service. When you can justify that, please let me know. Otherwise, I suggest reevaluating what's important to you and how your decisions now will affect you tomorrow, by graduation, and for the rest of your life.

I don't mean to be dramatic or harsh, I just want to see JMU come together to support awesome causes, to serve and help others, and to "be the change" we all claim we will be. Why start tomorrow, after graduation, or when you have a family. Why not today?

I'll leave you with that - some "food for thought".


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