Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

Ok, so the title probably seems more promising and magical than what actually happened. Nonetheless, it set the mood for the season.

There is something so special about the first snowfall, even if it is just wet snowflakes that do not stick and we still have school and work. People's moods change and it is so obvious and warming. Everyone is in a good mood, like there's a jump in their step or something. I love it. The world slows down for a minute and everyone is happy, even for a brief second before reality sets back in. Because, let's be real, the possibility of a Winter Wonderland is magical and enticing.

So, yesterday was a good day for that sole reason. I noticed that when I got home my roommates were in a good mood, and we were almost giddy just talking to each other. I noticed it when my little from Big Brothers Big Sisters came over to bake cupcakes. And she continued to squeal when she opened the door to leave and asked me to come outside to see the snow, as if I never have before. It was pure happiness if I had to put one emotion on it.

The excitement to go home has hit everyone at this point. We are drained from classes, homework, exams, papers, whatever. It will be nice for everyone to be home spending time with their loved ones and hopefully eating a nice home-cooked meal. I know that is one thing I am definitely looking forward to for a full week! But, as everyone goes home, I encourage you to really find what you are thankful for. We live day in and day out like zombies half the time, doing routine tasks that just leave us feeling close to empty at the end of the day. Remember, though, that not everyone has it as good as you. There are kids who don't know what a Thanksgiving meal looks like, who don't get but maybe only one present under the tree at Christmastime. Be thankful, every day, every minute, for what you have. You don't know when it will be taken from you, which sounds cliche, but it is closer to the truth than we like to admit. So, take time to donate food to food drives within your school and/or community, donate winter jackets and accessories to keep those who can't afford it to stay a little warmer when they head to school and/or work. Take the time to give back, because it means more to that one person than I am sure we could all imagine.

On that note, I hope everyone who is at school survives this one last week before we head home!


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